Our Mission



Frederick Folk Fest is an intimate pop-up concert series and annual music festival in the heart of downtown Frederick, MD, a unique city tucked below the Mason-Dixon line and nestled in snugly at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Why a concert series and folk festival in Frederick, Maryland?

“The obvious reasons are because I love our city and its inhabitants, this genre of music, and want to deepen and enrich the sense of community here in Frederick by investing in its music scene for the benefit of musicians and music lovers alike,” states head organizer Katie Powderly of The Unconditional Lovers and Red-Winged Blackbird Records.

“My reasons for founding Frederick Folk Fest are twofold: first, I unabashedly admit that I want more nationally touring bands to play here in Frederick. We are Maryland's second-largest city, and Frederick's inhabitants don't always want to have to drive to Baltimore or D.C. to see the touring bands we enjoy.

Second, I want to elevate and professionalize local Frederick bands, and give them ample opportunity to open for these larger touring acts. This creates experience, puts indigenous Frederick music in front of audiences who may not make the effort to see it otherwise, and teaches many newly-formed or young musicians what is required of this industry.

I provide professional graphic design and photography services for each band at each Frederick Folk Fest event, and often write band bios for young local bands who don't have experience marketing themselves in this way. 

Once they've performed at a Frederick Folk Fest event, Frederick bands have all the necessary components of a successful press kit for booking future local and out-of-town shows. 

I do this on a 100% volunteer basis. I have made zero profit from this endeavor and do so only as a mechanism of giving back to a community that welcomed me wholeheartedly when I moved here four years ago. Frederick gave me gigs, helped me put a band together, and made me feel welcome enough to want to call this place home. Thank you."